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Tritnew's News

Posted by Tritnew - 8 days ago

Hey all! I decided to finally make my very own little game, and after two weeks of work and some polishing, it's finally released.

It's called BLIMBO!

It's a RPG so it might not be to everyone's taste, but I made sure to make it as much fun as I can. Should take up at least half a hour of your time.

I hope y'all enjoy it! If you find any bugs or want to offer any critique then feel free. I'll be sure to update the game when I can.



Posted by Tritnew - 12 days ago

Can't wait to try out and look at all the cool shit this year.



Posted by Tritnew - August 22nd, 2023

Hi, been a while since the last update.

Slumberland should be done by the end of this month, I'm contacting a special NG artist to help do cover art for it and that'll ultimately determine how quick it would come out. I still gotta add everyone on the project page and gather everything finished all up.

I finished an album and that'll be released later in September. And that's about it for project updates.

Now onto general life stuff.

This September I plan on moving and living with my grandma and my 'lil cousin, my aunt could use all the help she can with my grandma, but besides that I honestly can't live with my family right now.

Especially with my older brother.

I don't want to go too deep into it but one night he tried jumping me and wanting to fight me. After that night my dad suggested that it'd be best for me to live at my aunt's place, for my mental health and to stay away from my brother.

But my family also plans on going too, but every month we've either slacked off doing it or something comes up. So, the more the rest of my family doesn't try to leave, the more I'll wanna leave myself.

I'll see what happens, but I'm 21 now and too easily stressed to deal with crap like this, much less having to live with someone that wants to fight and hurt me, you know?

Sorry if this was a bit of a bummer but I figure I would let everyone know because a lot of you are like family to me.

I hope you all look forward to my two big projects.

Love you all and stay safe,





Posted by Tritnew - July 23rd, 2023

This is from the NG BBS post I made:

A 'lil update for the collab. All slots are filled and peeps are working on their stuff, so at the moment no one else can join in!

However, if someone turns up and hasn't finished, or can't finish their track at the time due to their personal lives or something else, I will free up a slot and anyone else can join in. If that previous collaborator finishes up their track they can submit it outside the collab as they wish.

As for the deadline, that will be changed to when you can join more so than a release date of the album. I didn't take in account that peeps have busy lives, so that's what the deadline means now.

I do want the album to be out by September at the latest, but preferably early August.

Anyways, I have high hopes that the collab will go well, and be some real good stuff for you all to chill and relax to.



Posted by Tritnew - June 28th, 2023

Hi! I decided this summer that I would dip my toes into starting a NG collab, and of course, it has everything to do with music.

Without further ado:


Slumberland is a 21 track light concept album about dreams that I want to make with all my fellow NG musicians for fun.

You can check out the official thread right here! It has all the info you need.

Deadline is July 21st



Posted by Tritnew - June 17th, 2023

Hi, yup I started another server. I thought I would make it a semi-public space for you all.

It's a chill place, and we have VCs sometimes. Come check it out and hang out with us! 16+ only, no babies allowed.




Posted by Tritnew - June 11th, 2023

Hi all, it's been a month since my last update and things were pretty stinky. I won't lie and say things aren't stinky but things are looking up a bit.

You might've saw the "Alum Byte" moniker I was using for two songs I released here. That is the name of my new music project!

The stuff will be released on streaming platforms like Spotify, iTunes, YouTube, whatever. I want this project to spread like a STD. I'm debating whether or not to release it in full here or spread it across multiple tracks, but I'll let you decide.

I've also been wanting this to be a two member, maybe more project, me doing the music and someone else doing the art. I got a friend who's interested but busy with other things, if anyone else is interested, please contact me!

Anyways, two more tracks to go, then it's off to mastering, then a release date!

I haven't decided on a title for the album, but "The Getaway" seems to fit.

Anyways, expect it either July or August at the latest. PMs are wide open for talented artists!


I didn't expect so many peeps to be interested! Lemme put up some specifications.

-One user will be assigned with the front cover, another with a back cover.

-10 separate artists will be assigned to each of the 10 tracks of their choosing, audio of the track can be sent to inspire you more though expect it not to be mastered quite yet!

It'll make downloading each track special on Bandcamp, and a PDF can be included in digital downloads!

-No signatures can be added to your pieces, unless you give me a version without it.

-You can upload all your art separate!

-Any resolution is A-OK, but 3000x3000 is the standard for album art.

Your art will be totally credited, and to me, you will be a member of this project. Discord server is coming soon.

Have fun!



Posted by Tritnew - May 9th, 2023

Hey everyone, I thought I'd give you all an update on how I'm doing currently. I figure I'd do these every two or three months. I think you can tell by the title that this isn't gonna be a happy one... again.

I wanna start off by saying thank you for all of the happy birthday wishes. I really appreciate it, and it's what I value most over presents and other junk.

Now onto how my actual birthday went... not that great. I got sick from food I ate the day before, and on that same day, I found out my mom has a lesion on her kidney while I was on a drive with my dad.

After I heard that, I didn't want to go to a lunch or dinner. Not without my mom coming along. Even if I didn't hear that, it wouldn't of felt right without my mom being there.

I don't know if it's cancerous or not. I'm hoping for it to be benign and things will get better from there. 

But yeah, the day really soured after that. The only thing that upped my spirits a bit was the happy birthdays and the frontpage for Pico Day so thank you again.

And since then, I haven't been in a great mood. I'm trying to keep my head up or keep my mind off of it but it's hard.

Anyway, in not so sad news, I got a couple of tracks I gotta work on to submit here, so those will be fun. Summer is also around the corner, I look forward to that. 

But yeah, I don't have much else to say. In the next update in about a month or two I'll try and have it be more upbeat, if anything upbeat happens. I never intend for these to bum any of you out or to get pity, I just want you all to know how things are for me. It's only right to keep you all in the know.

Hope everyone had a fantastic Pico Day, and I hope summer goes well for all of you. I love you all.




Posted by Tritnew - May 6th, 2023

My third Pico Day spent here on NG, and of course I have to submit a track for it, a sequel to Indica, the more up beat and cooler brother to that strain, Sativa!

Check it out:

And also, today is my 21st birthday. I'm able to finally, uhh... do my taxes, pay bills, and get a bank account. Oh and drink alcohol, smoke weed and gamble.

I won't be partying hard. I'll probably have a nice dinner, drink a bit and maaaaybe smoke a bit of kush, and play games. I don't like having very extravagant birthdays these days.

Anyways, hope everyone has a very happy Pico Day and a happy birthday if yours is on the 6th!



Posted by Tritnew - April 6th, 2023

Hi everyone, I just thought I would give you a update on how things are going for me, what I'll be doing this year on Newgrounds, ect.

In terms of releasing music here, I'm going through a pretty big creative drought. Right now I'm making music for Taka's new game, then KingCrowned's cartoon, I got my Pico Day submission ready, some tracks I haven't released from Blam And Protect's sound test, and after that...

I don't know what else I could do for Newgrounds this year. Would it be burn out I'm feeling? Not sure, it doesn't feel like it. Anyways, after my Pico Day submission I don't know if I'll be releasing anything else new this year. Might be taking a break...

As for how things are going for myself, not very great. My antidepressants can only do so much, but I've learned things can never get 100% better, which I've come to accept. After spending some time on Twitter, I've become more jaded about social media than I ever have before. It's absolutely awful and it's flushing society down the toilet even faster. I hate it and I wish I never took part in it. I should've stayed here and on Discord.

I can't really explain how I feel right now. Tired, unmotivated, isolated, anxious, and I'm starting to like myself less and less. I don't get why a lot of my friends and fellow Newgrounders like me so much, but I must be doing something right.

Tomorrow I find out if my mom has anything serious going wrong with her since she's been sick and hasn't been eating much. That's been weighing on me a lot. I'm scared.

Anyways, sorry if this was mostly a bummer. Life has been a bummer for me this week and the week before. I'm trying to hold on, not for myself but at least for my friends and family.

I'll leave you all with something to lighten the mood. Take care. Love you all.